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Basement Remodeling Ideas On A Budget

Don't Skimp on Lighting

A dim basement is a real turnoff, which means you'll need more fittings than you've got elsewhere. Cans broadcast light in a cone shape that is wider at

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Preserve Space for Play

• Game tables consume up a lot of square footage. For a little pool table (3 1/2 Feet by 7 feet), then you will need a clear space at least 11 1/2 feet wide by 14 1/2 Feet long to playif you purchase. A tournament-size pool table (4 1/2 Feet by 9 feet) along with a 5-by-9 Ping-Pong table needs even more room. Think about skipping a single-activity table, unless you're positive you will use it a lot.

Four Simple Things to Have About When It's Done

2. A cell-phone signal booster so that you can take and make calls below level.

Finishing Foundation Walls: Insulated Stud Walls

How it's done: It's the tried-and-true traditional method: A vapor barrier and rigid-foam insulating material are laid over base walls, followed by a stud frame and drywall. Watch a video of Tom Silva using this method.

Secrets to Success for Construction Basement Walls

Fix moisture issues first, then follow our pro suggestions on methods and materials.

Banish mold--ban standard drywall

It absolutely doesn't belong below grade; mould can grow on the paper coating, as well as the gypsum center can crumble. Attempt USG's Sheetrock Brand Mold Tough Gypsum Panels or Georgia-Pacific's nonpaper-faced DensArmor Plus High-Performance Interior Panels. Both got the highest scores on a standard laboratory test for mould resistance.

Need a Hung Ceiling for Plumbing Accessibility?

2. Armstrong

Will You Need More Headroom?

Several codes call for 7 days to 71/2 feet of clearance. If you don't have that height, then you may be able to dig out and lower the floor, but it is a complex, job that is expensive. If the issue might be solved by transferring pipes and ducts ask your contractor.

Lighting Ideas For Basement Family Room

Pendant Lighting for High-Ceiling Basements

High ceilings like this one may feel light and airy--or only big, anonymous, and vacant. Pendant lighting creates appeal and a feeling of closeness in rooms that are tall.

Lighting a Portal Room

Basements and pool tables were made for one another, but creating a successful bank shot requires great lighting. When you have a finished ceiling, recessed fixtures are the obvious choice. Shadows by installing the fixtures to ensure that the light from each fixture overlaps the beam of ones that are adjacent. And you're prepared to play--with no fear of whacking a hanging fixture or knocking over a floor lamp.

Recessed Light Panels

Light panels are large, rectangular florescent fixtures commonly recessed into suspended ceilings in commercial buildings. Here, four of these fixtures were assembled into a fireplace over a gas fireplace to create the illusion of a window. The room is flooded by equipping them .

Recessed Lights for Accent Lighting

While recessed lighting fixtures are usually thought of as providers of complete, ambient, or task lighting, do not overlook them for accent lighting jobs. While smaller models provide display items on the room's focal point wall with illumination standard-issue can lights light the seating area of the basement living space.

Uplighting Creates an Elegant Ambience

Uplighting entails directing a light source at the ceiling instead of horizontally into the space or down toward the ground. Uplighting creates a soothing light without glare or shadows.

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A False Lighted Window

Just frame and trim a "window" opening in a finished basement wall, paint the concrete wall behind it reflective white, mount several inexpensive florescent fixtures onto the wall, and equip them with daylight-spectrum lights. Then hang a translucent window treatment, like this accordion shade, and enjoy the filtered illumination. Together with a can fixture and a halogen desk lamp, it.

Multiple Sources of Light

The desk is offset from the window to avoid having to start looking into glaring sunlight whilst working. The desk is illuminated by florescent tubes supporting a window that is false; frosted glass diffuses the light. The false ceiling above the desk not only conceals heating, plumbing, and wiring chases, it houses a quartet of recessed light fixtures and, behind a valance, a florescent fixture along it's edge that reflects light. Uplights on the desk increase the ambience--and also to the ambient light.

Vintage Pendant Lighting

The nostalgic, industrial appearance--full of surface-mounted wiring--complements the exposed floor joists and painted block walls of this basement cleanup region. Because of their shapely translucent colors, these lights casting a pleasingly delicate beam which resonates well with the crisp architecture.

Flooring Ideas For Basements

Elect for Easy Care with Vinyl

For a tough, cost-effective basement floor covering, consider vinyl sheet flooring. Cushion-backed vinyl sheet flooring glues easily to concrete subfloors and offers an extra measure of comfort over hard concrete slabs. The subfloor must be completely smooth and free of flaws, however, and also the imperfections will eventually show during the flooring.

Warm the Floors with an Area Rug

no matter the flooring you select for the basement, a large area rug will add warmth underfoot and help anchor the hockey group visually. Use a rubber pad under the rug to boost comfort. Prevent a foam pad because it may deteriorate after prolonged exposure to humid conditions.

Play Up Concrete with Paint

If your concrete flooring is smooth, dry, and free of imperfections, look at playing this up with paint. This is actually the cheapest completing option for basement floors and is ideal for casual spaces. The secrets to success with painting concrete are a fully dry subfloor and primer and ground paint specially formulated for concrete. If you're building new, install a vapor barrier and gravel beneath the concrete subfloor to ensure it remains dry.

Paint the Stairs

Add shade to the basement stair by painting just the risers. If the staircase have a shiny finish, apply a deglossing primer first, then rub on your pick of eggshell or satin latex paint. The risers might need scrubbing from time to time to get rid of shoe marks, but because they don't receive the wear that the treads do, they still do not need to be decorated with specialty floor paint.

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Insert Color and Pattern with Carpet Tiles

If you want the comfort and warmth of carpet without the annoyance of wall-to-wall installation, then opt for self-adhesive carpet tiles. They are simple for DIYers to set up, they don't require a pad underneath, and they may be applied directly to wash , dry concrete. Here, carpet tiles in white, brown, and 2 shades of red have been laid down to create a random checkerboard pattern that performs up the room's trendy color scheme. For a less-attention-getting flooring covering, utilize a single neutral shade.

Seal Concrete Against Moisture

for this hip urban look, leave the concrete in its natural condition. Because concrete is quite porous, it will soak up anything that's spilled on it (think of oil spots on garage floors). To make it moisture-resistant, seal it with a transparent sealer made to be used on concrete (check with a home improvement centre).

Paint Stripes on Concrete Basement Floors

For an affordable and stylish flooring finish, paint concrete in a striped pattern. Apply wide stripes of light and dark gray first, then add narrow stripes of brighter colors. Use painter's tape to produce the pattern. Prep the surface by cleaning it with TSP. Remove loose paint and oily spots and let the surface dry thoroughly. Employ a primer and ground paint formulated for concrete.

Choose Slate for Elegance

Slate tiles cover the staircase, landing, and also lower-level guest suite in this modern home. Stone tiles offer you natural elegance and are durable and easy to clean, but they're cool underfoot. For lower-level places, consider installing an electric radiant-heat system above the concrete subfloor before placing the tiles.

Use Oversize Squares to Expand Space

Most vinyl tiles come in 12x12-inch squares, yet to create the illusion of greater floor space, start looking for 16x16-inch squares. Carpet tiles come in larger sizes (18x18 and 19.7x19.7) so you are able to attain an even bolder effect and enjoy the texture and warmth of carpet as added advantages.

Cool Basement Bar Ideas


If your wine collection is something which you cherish in then the storage solution requires special attention. Storage units that are common will perform the job except to make the area special you will need something which removes the attribute that is ordinary and catches the eye.


This great basement bar notion is ideal for adding a touch of style to your house. The confined space could have been a drawback but it has led to a solution that was clear and clean. The simple fact that the setup is contained like a photo would be constrained by a frame makes the bar appear very welcoming and intimate. It is the ideal example for supporting the idea that bigger is not always better.


It's all about the air that you wish to create. After all, that's the part that the guests believe, experience the many. Not everybody will notice the details or the color match but the way will be remembered by everybody.


There are numerous elements which make this example brilliant. First there is the combination of materials. Not simply the types but the kind that is perfect. Perhaps using the same wood to get the horizontal glass supports would have looked good too but by adding material, a third texture. There's the way the bar has been built, not at the center of the wall but at a distinctive area which makes it more noticeable and marks it's positionspecial. Thirdly, there's the lighting which makes the entire feel welcoming and welcoming.


And, on top of that, just look at it! It's so simple and yet fits so well in the room, making it more interesting. Every guest is going to be curious and fascinated by it. Exactly what makes this object look this good is how the wood textures blend together, maintaining the layout look unitary. The colors are different but do not vary much in saturation and tone. You and too much contrast will loose the refined impact.


If the bar itself isn't special enough, then you can make it even more alluring by opting for a black design. It's still pretty uncommon since it's a thing to 22, and people do not opt for it. However, for instance, Holland nestles many designs that look 17, it's very subjective. If you are gonna do it, then do it choose something unique.

Bar In Basement


Storing distinct flavors effectively may appear a difficult task in small spaces but with the right drawer, this varies rapidly, you'll have all the beverages in sight, easily-accessible.


What if the wall was white? Could the pub appear exactly the same? Definitely not. The wall highlights a powerful contrast and the designer created an extremely appealing basement bar by including a respectable amount of light to the scene.


Sometimes a drink is not sufficient and you ought to combine it with another activity like watching a football game or playing something. Add a little flavor to your own room using a committed dartboard area for a better atmosphere.