Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Lighting Ideas For Basement Family Room

Pendant Lighting for High-Ceiling Basements

High ceilings like this one may feel light and airy--or only big, anonymous, and vacant. Pendant lighting creates appeal and a feeling of closeness in rooms that are tall.

Lighting a Portal Room

Basements and pool tables were made for one another, but creating a successful bank shot requires great lighting. When you have a finished ceiling, recessed fixtures are the obvious choice. Shadows by installing the fixtures to ensure that the light from each fixture overlaps the beam of ones that are adjacent. And you're prepared to play--with no fear of whacking a hanging fixture or knocking over a floor lamp.

Recessed Light Panels

Light panels are large, rectangular florescent fixtures commonly recessed into suspended ceilings in commercial buildings. Here, four of these fixtures were assembled into a fireplace over a gas fireplace to create the illusion of a window. The room is flooded by equipping them .

Recessed Lights for Accent Lighting

While recessed lighting fixtures are usually thought of as providers of complete, ambient, or task lighting, do not overlook them for accent lighting jobs. While smaller models provide display items on the room's focal point wall with illumination standard-issue can lights light the seating area of the basement living space.

Uplighting Creates an Elegant Ambience

Uplighting entails directing a light source at the ceiling instead of horizontally into the space or down toward the ground. Uplighting creates a soothing light without glare or shadows.

Finishing Basements

A False Lighted Window

Just frame and trim a "window" opening in a finished basement wall, paint the concrete wall behind it reflective white, mount several inexpensive florescent fixtures onto the wall, and equip them with daylight-spectrum lights. Then hang a translucent window treatment, like this accordion shade, and enjoy the filtered illumination. Together with a can fixture and a halogen desk lamp, it.

Multiple Sources of Light

The desk is offset from the window to avoid having to start looking into glaring sunlight whilst working. The desk is illuminated by florescent tubes supporting a window that is false; frosted glass diffuses the light. The false ceiling above the desk not only conceals heating, plumbing, and wiring chases, it houses a quartet of recessed light fixtures and, behind a valance, a florescent fixture along it's edge that reflects light. Uplights on the desk increase the ambience--and also to the ambient light.

Vintage Pendant Lighting

The nostalgic, industrial appearance--full of surface-mounted wiring--complements the exposed floor joists and painted block walls of this basement cleanup region. Because of their shapely translucent colors, these lights casting a pleasingly delicate beam which resonates well with the crisp architecture.

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